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What We Do . . .


At Pure Pacific Music for Young Learners, we specialize in custom contract writing and development of companion songs, chants, chongs and music for American English course books for young and very young English language learners.


Our product benefits from our vast experience and a constant quest for excellence in the fields of music and language teaching. The writing, singing, playing of instruments, arranging and production is all handled in-house by our primary partners. We move from the concept and writing phase, through track production, singing of lead and background vocals to the final mix without having to leave the studio. With this tight control of all aspects of our custom productions we are able to meet deadlines and deliver our top quality musical materials on schedule.


In addition to contract and custom songwriting and production for publishers, we continue to produce our Pure Pacific Music for Young Learners catalogue of original songs that are available for lease and/or purchase. Our collection of learning-focused songs can be used as companion material for lessons as well as free standing enrichment material in the EFL classroom.

Listen to a range of EFL Songs & Chants and Chongs from our original catalogue.

Chants and Chongs

In addition to the use of songs, we believe that chants and chongs are valuable musical tools for demonstrating and practicing pronunciation and the rhythmical character of English. Chants have long been used in the young learner classroom to practice the pronunciation of sounds, rhythm, word and sentence stress.


What is a "chong" ?  See our Chants & Chongs page.

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