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Songs for Young Language Learners

Highlights of Completed Projects

Apollo Active  -  An Apollo English production. Apollo Active is a bold new project combining classroom, in person learning paired with at home learning, a combination of Apollo World and Apollo Active. We were contracted to write in the order of 100 songs, chants, chongs, instrumental stingers and a 3 level graduated theme song for this project.The scope of the project spanned 5 Levels from preschool to upper elementary. It took a focused 10 months to write and deliver the music for Apollo Active. Below you will hear a medley of our music across all levels.

​Learn English with Dora the Explorer - An Oxford University Press / Nickelodeon co-production. Learn English with Dora the Explorer is a new series for children learning American English. It is a three-level course for children aged 3–6 years old. The course is unique in that it is set alongside the highly engaging world of beloved characters from the Nickelodeon television series Dora the Explorer. The song brief for this project required that we write action songs that would support the story line described. In writing the songs for this project we worked with controlled functional language and vocabulary to support a prescribed illustration.

Oxford Phonics World - Oxford University Press, New York. This is a 5 - Level global phonics course for young English language learners. This project followed a phonics-based syllabus. We wrote the songs using a fixed vocabulary set provided by the publisher. The vocabulary set illustrated and practiced the 44 sounds of American English. We developed the story lines for the songs from the words provided. The publishers then illustrated the course book pages to reflect the stories.

i-learn Smart Start on-line – DTP Publishing, Vietnam.  This is a five - level – Young Learner EFL Course. This project was designed to be taught digitally on a classroom smart-board. In addition to writing the songs for the full 5 levels of this course we wrote an escalating Smart Start theme song. The same song was used for each level but the production and lyrics were changed as the levels went up. We worked with a theme-based syllabus.

Smart Start/Print Version – DTP Publishing, Vietnam. This is a completely new separate five - level young learner EFL Course.

As with the digital version of Smart Start, we worked with a theme-based syllabus and wrote completely new songs for the print version of Smart Start.

Super Simple Songs - We are sometimes asked to provide the vocals for existing tracks. Here is an example of one of the songs for which we provided the vocals only for a Super Simple Songs phonics project.

Everybody Up for Oxford University Press, New York. On this link you will hear a song for which we provided the final vocals.

Mixed Medleys of Songs for Young Learners.

This medley is a collection of songs from our various writing projects mixed with original songs from our own catalogue. These songs were written with older elementary students in mind ranging from the ages of 8-11.

This medley is for very young English language learners as well as native English speaking children ages 4-7. The songs are a selection from our catalogue of original songs for children.

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