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Pure Pacific Music for Young Learners
Pure Pacific Music for Young Learners is an established Canadian music company operating from Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada. We specialize in writing and producing custom, learning-focused musical materials young English language learners. Our work is to produce carefully crafted songs and musical classroom materials that bring to life the vocabulary, grammar, thematic or phonics targets specified by our clients, publishers and materials developers. Our songs, chants and  chongs are meaningful, innovative, catchy and very musical. The lyrics are informed and carefully attuned to the emotional, cognitive, developmental and language needs of young English language learners.


​Pure Pacific Music for Young Learners was founded in 2012 and is owned and directed

by Laurie Thain and Gord Maxwell.


Gord Maxwell and Laurie Thain are seasoned, award-winning, singer-songwriters who record as Maxwell & Thain. For decades, this duo has been collaborating, writing, recording and co-producing commercial songs, concept projects, themed musicals and producing educational materials for young learners. Although they pursue independent music careers, they made a decision to focus on writing and producing custom education music in 2012 and formed Pure Pacific Music for Young Learners (PPMYL). The resultant partnership is a rarely-found creative team that is a solid mix of talent, musical excellence, young learner educational knowledge and extensive experience in teaching young EFL/ESL learners both at home and abroad. Their original songs and musical materials are fresh, informed and truly accessible in the classroom.


As Creative Director/Writer and Artist, Gord is mainly responsible for writing the music and the arrangements, recording and producing the projects, singing lead and harmony vocals and overseeing the technical aspects in the studio. As Executive Director/ Writer and Artist Laurie has a dual musical/educational focus. She is the main lyricist, shares the melody writing and her clear energetic singing is a big part of the PPMYL signature sound.  With a Master's Degree in TESOL with a specialty in teaching young learners, she keeps a keen ear and eye on the often-overlooked educational aspects of each custom music project.


Maxwell and Thain have written and produced custom music projects for international publishers including Oxford University Press, Nickelodeon and DTP in Vietnam. 


Hear demo medleys of original PPMYL EFL songs and our unique Chants and Chongs.

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